Nióbio Cash
authentic cryptocurrency from Brazil

Without pre-mining or ICO. Only 336 million units of Nióbio Cash will be mined.


Nióbio Cash uses the same Bitcoin mining protocol, called Proof of Work (PoW).


Anonymous, encrypted, and completely untraceable transactions.


International transfers much faster and with much lower rates than traditional options.

What is Nióbio Cash?

Nióbio Cash 
is a decentralized cryptocurrency with open source code.

The main objective is to sponsor research and the development of new technologies that are based on niobium (ore). Thus, 5% of the total mined, by the partner pools, will be destined for a fund, for the purpose of sponsoring projects pertaining to this raw material. Currently being used in important and diverse areas, such as: magnetic resonance scanners, jet aircraft turbines, nuclear industry and gas pipelines.


Why use Niobio Cash?

Check out some of the reasons for using the coin!

Helps the country’s technological evolution

By sponsoring Brazilian research and the development of new technologies that are based on mineral niobium.

Fast and low-rate transfers

Nióbio Cash Network allows users around the world to be able to transfer their money quickly and at low rates.

Provides great privacy

Nióbio Cash uses the algorithm Cryptonight, which focuses on privacy, making your transactions anonymous

Easy to mine on a home PC

The currency can be mined even with a computer considered low-performance. With a few clicks you’ll be mining.


This is the evolution of the project and our planning for the next five quarters.

► Start Mining
► Wallet Desktop (Windows) 
► Block Explorer 

► Wallet Desktop (Mac OS)
► Wallet Desktop (Linux)
► Updates settings in Code
► Inclusion in Exchanges

► Web Wallet
► Mobile Wallet

► Faucet 
► AirDrop starts

► Research support program with mineral niobium.

► Development of API for integration with e-commerce


Wallets available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download the Wallet and start mining Niobio Cash!

Mac OS
Web Wallet

Mining Pools 

Choose the pool of your choice and start mining

Block Explorer

Find currency statistics and some block info

Block Explorer

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Meet Our Team

Marconi Soldate

Founder and CEO

Helder Garcia

Co-founder and Developer

Murilo Costa


Luís Pontes

Project consultant and advisor

Thainan Aleixo

Designer and social media

Carlos Sousa

Web designer

Willian Oliveira

Lawyer and legal department manager

Thiago Henrique

Project consultant and advisor

Filipe Viana

Pool creator and advisor

Vinicius Vicente

Web developer and advisor

Leonardo Oliveira

Translator and advisor

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